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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Mattresses will be provided, but not the pillow cases, bedsheets and blankets. Am I right?

A: For those staying in the rooms and dormitory, mattresses, bedsheets, pillows, pillow cases and warm blankets will be provided. Campers are advised to bring their own sleeping bags/mats if they are using the tents. Sometimes, it can be very cold (16 C), especially in the middle of the night (between midnight and sunrise).

Q:Do you have air-conditioning in the rooms and dormitory?

A: Yes. We have installed air-conditioning in all our rooms and dormitories for your comfort.

Q: How do I organize the campers into the respective accommodation types?

A: It is our usual practice to run an entire camp using the same type of accommodation for all campers from the same organisation, whenever possible. This means that all campers will either stay in the tents (or rooms). Putting the boys in the tents and girls in the rooms may raise issues of unfairness. For example, some girls may want to experience staying in tents, or boys in rooms.

We also put campers from the same group into the same type of accommodation (separated by gender, of course). The boys in the same group will stay in the same tent (or room). Likewise for the girls. This will give them more opportunity to know each other better.

It is also advisable for camp officers or facilitators to be in the same type of accommodation as their groups. This is also a matter of fairness and security.

Q: Will I be charged if I were to reduce my accommodation?

A: Our current practice allows applicants to make unlimited changes to their SUFES Campsite bookings if more than sixty (60) days notice is given in writing, subject to availability if additional accommodation is required.
Any reduction in accommodation made within sixty (60) days from your camp will incur cancellation charges.

The following charges apply:
21-60 days’ notice
The booking deposit remains unchanged and is utilised entirely as payment for the first day. The subsequent days are charged according to the amended number.

Less than 21 days’ notice
Charges will be as per original pax booked for the entire duration.

Q: Are white board markers be provided? How many of those markers? What colors?

A: No. Please bring your own stationery.

Q: Are tables provided?

A: Yes, tables are provided in the meeting hall. There are usually 2 tables available. These tables are usually used for registration and display/projector purposes.

If you require extra tables, please consult our SUFES Campsite Manager for assistance. We are happy to serve you.

Q: Is there air-conditioning in the Meeting Halls?

A: The meeting halls (Logos and Rhema) are air-conditioned.

Q: What are the meal arrangements like?

A: The SUFES Campsite practices a “self-service” concept at the SUFES Campsite. Besides serving food, we believe it is a good practice for campers to wash their own plates and cups (and whatever else they use). So, please assign duty groups to help wipe the tables and chairs, and sweep the floor, etc. before/after meals.

Please also assign a group of 3-4 persons to distribute the food to the campers. Our caterer will be present to guide you.

The food will be served “cafeteria” style (a sort of buffet). The first round, everyone will be given an equal portion of food. For our big-eaters, you may come back for more serving(s) until the food is finished.

Cutlery will be provided – fork and spoons, cups, plates, etc. (remember to wash these after use. Thank you!)

Q: Will there be any water provided throughout the day in the canteen?

A: Filtered and reverse osmosis drinking water will be provided 24 hours a day at the dining hall.

Q: I have a small budget for meals. Can I rent your kitchen to cook my own meals?

A: No. In our experience, we find that the quality of food is a major factor for campers to grade their camp. If the accommodation or programme is not up to the campers’ expectations, but the food quality is good, the camp will turn out to be a positive experience for them. If the accommodation or programme is great, but the food is bad, the camp will usually leave a negative impression.

With this in mind, the SUFES Campsite engages quality cooks who provide quality pork-free food at affordable rates. However, for a small group fewer than 25 pax , we may allow their own cooking but this is subjected to the management’s approval.

Q: May I check-in with lunch?

A: Our SOP is to check-in first day with dinner, and check-out with lunch on the final day.

We advise that you arrange to have your own lunch before your check-in to the SUFES Campsite at 2pm.

Q: May I check-out without lunch?

A: Groups usually check-out with lunch.

However, if you plan to check-out earlier, special arrangements for your last lunch may be made. For example, we may pack lunch for you to take home, or have it on the way home; or compensate you with add-on food variety for your earlier meal.

Q: Will toilet rolls and water heaters be provided?

A: Toilet rolls will be provided. But please bring your own toiletries (e.g. toothbrush/paste, soap, towels, etc.).

We have water heaters installed in all our shower rooms.

Q: Can my children go for Night Hike and Stream Trotting?

A: Adult supervision is compulsory for children below 9 years old. Outdoor adventures and activities are not suitable for children below 6 years old.

Q: Is the SUFES Campsite safe?

A: We have increase our security features in the campsite with proper lighting, gates and dogs. We have staff stationed on-site 24 hours a day whenever there is a camp, in addition to our general workers who are present during the day. Please practice safety caution and do not wander alone after dark.

The local authorities are aware of our presence and activities, and occasionally, they drop by to ensure the safety of the campers.

We have good rapport with our immediate neighbours, especially with the Orang Asli ‘kampung’ (village) nearby.

Since we started operations, no major injuries or accidents have occurred at the SUFES Campsite. We thank God for this, and also appreciate the continued cooperation of campers in maintaining it as “The Place for Fun and Adventure!”.

Q: Where is the nearest medical centre/hospital from the SUFES Campsite?

A: The government hospital and a number of private clinics are in Tapah town itself, about 10 minutes drive away. Their contact numbers may be obtained from our SUFES Campsite supervisor.

Q: What is the SUFES Campsite’s direct contact no?

A: For emergencies, call the SUFES Campsite office at 05 4272 810. Use this number for emergencies only.

There is currently very limited connection in the SUFES Campsite area. Occasionally, you may get a text message or two, and even receive/make short calls, but there is no guarantee. The ideal scenario would be to keep your handphones off. You’re supposed to be at play, and not at work, remember?

Q: What items should I bring?

A: We suggest that you bring the following items:

  1. Sports & casual wear (about 1-2 sets per day)
  2. Sports & casual footwear (1 pair of shoes for walking around the campsite, 1 pair of shoes for outdoor adventures & activities, 1 pair slippers/sandals for bathroom use, socks, etc.)
  3. Enthusiasm (lots of it!)
  4. Humour (good, clean and sensible)
  5. Stationery (eg. pen, paper, note book, pencil, etc.)
  6. Toiletries (eg. toothbrush & paste, soap, towel, shampoo, etc.)
  7. Water bottle

Items you MAY bring (if you have/need them):

  1. Medication (doctor prescribed only) and/or vitamins
  2. Pocket money
  3. Torchlight (water resistant with fresh batteries and strap)
  4. Sweet dream tools (e.g. pillow, bolster, teddy bear)

Q: When is the Check-In and Check-Out time?

A: Check-in at the campsite is strictly after 2.00pm. Check-out is strictly before 12.00 noon.

Q: Why do I have to Check-Out before 12.00 noon?

The check-in/out times are set to allow our campsite staff sufficient time to prepare the facilities for the next group before they check-in.

A: Checking out early will help reduce the possibility traffic congestion at the entrance to the campsite, especially when the next group arrives after 2.00pm.

Q: Why do I have to Check-In after 2.00pm?

A: The check-in/out times are set to allow our campsite staff sufficient time to prepare the facilities for the next group before they check-in.

Checking in later will help reduce the possibility traffic congestion at the entrance to the campsite, especially when the previous group leaves before 2.00pm.

Q: What do I do after I Check-Out by 12.00 noon?

A: Check-out means that you clear the accommodation and facilities of your belongings so that the campsite staff can prepare them for the next group.

After check-out, please proceed to the dining hall for your lunch before you leave the campsite for home.

Q: What do I do if I arrive before 12.00 noon?

A: It is good that you plan your travelling ahead of time. by bus, as it usually takes about 2.5 hours from KL, 1 hour from Ipoh, and 2 hours from Penang.

If you arrive ahead of time, you could:

  1. Explore or have your lunch in Tapah.
  2. Drop by Lata Kinjang.
  3. Go past the SUFES Campsite to take a break at the Hutan Rekreasi Kuala Woh, which is only 3km away.

Q: Are smoking and drinking alcoholic drinks allowed at the SUFES Campsite?

A: Strictly NO!

The SUFES Campsite is used by many school students and we observe non smoking/drinking areas (except smoke from food-related sources like BBQ).

So, if you are a smoker, please refrain from smoking for the entire duration of your time there. Use a nicotine patch or other substitutes. We advocate a healthier campsite and a healthier you!

Thank you!


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